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Majestic Scotland

Scotland - Castle of Eilean Donan

Le Comptoir Irlandais offers you an extraordinary journey through Scotland thanks to a selection of iconic products: from Campbell's shortbreads (these succulent biscuits made by Scotland's oldest bakery) to the traditional Scottish Haggis, passing by the famous Scottish whisky and delicious marmalades and jams. Immerse yourself in the heart of beautiful and fascinating Scotland.

Robert Burns' country

Often considered a pioneer of romanticism, the poet Robert Burns has left a lasting mark on Scottish culture. The "favorite son of Scotland" was thus inspired by country life, nature and popular culture of his country to write.

Celebrating Scotland on January 25

The Scots bring man to life and the work of the "Bard of Ayrshire" every year, on January 25, on the occasion of the dinners of Robert Burns: this joyous celebration invites all lovers of Scotland to celebrate and promote to their friends, for an evening, the culture and gastronomy of the country, haggis, whisky and traditional kilt.

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Robert Burns portrait

Discover Arran whisky

Whisky Arran Quarter Cask

Distillerie ArranThe only whisky distillery located on the island of the same name in Scotland, Arran is built on the superb site of Lochranza. The distillery has also distinguished itself in recent years by its refining in a wide variety of barrels that have contained wine.

Its Single Malt Robert Burns pays tribute to the Scottish poet who had great esteem for whisky from the Isle of Arran. This bottling is officially approved by the World Burns Federation.

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Whisky Arran Robert Burns

Iconic products


Iconic and traditional Scottish dish, haggis is also an essential element of the Robert Burns Supper menu on January 25.
The Haggis has an aspect which can put off some of it but it largely compensates for its taste what it lacks for its appearance ! This dish is actually a type of savory sausage made of meat with oats, onions, salt and spices.

This typical dish is not just for Burns Night but is also part of the more contemporary menus of pubs and restaurants across Scotland.

The Haggis is often accompanied with mashed potatoes and crushed turnips.

Mackays preserves


Biscuits Border


Kilt, traditional dress

Men kilt

The history of kilt started in Scotland hundreds of years ago. This garment symbolizes much more than a mixed skirt: it is a historic dress still worn today at weddings, ceremonies and strong events of Scottish culture.

The kilt is created from a tartan, a fabric from the Highlands formed by coloured horizontal and vertical stripes. Each tartan motif makes it possible to recognize a clan or a function.

Traditionally, the kilt is a 5-meter-long piece of fabric worn around the waist and drawn up over the shoulder. It is accompanied by a sporran, a small bag worn around the waist and a pin to hold the two sides of the kilt.

Today, we can reinvent the silhouette by wearing our kilt in a contemporary style.

Kilt femme