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Out Of Ireland Wooden Drops Necklace

Brand : Out of Ireland / Reference: : 37118

Dress natural with this necklace made of eleven wooden drops. The drops are nicely varnished and are inlayed with a different kind of wood. The necklace fastens with a wooden buckle. This necklace is easy to wear with woollen items.

Width of the smallest wooden drop: 2.5cm,
Length of the smallest wooden drop: 4cm,
Width of the largest wooden drop: 3.5cm,
Length of the largest wooden drop: 5cm,
Chain length: 85cm.

18,50 € tax incl.

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BrandOut of Ireland

At the end of the 19th century, the Irish fled their home island’s misery to discover new lands, out of Ireland.

At the end of the 19th century, the Irish fled their home island’s misery to discover new lands, out of Ireland. Today, the Irish are still travelling around the world, sharing their culture beyond borders.

The brand is symbolized by the “Shamrock-Butterfly” which is a tribute to the Irish: it evokes their attachment to their home island (the Shamrock) and their compelling need to open up to the world (“the butterfly effect”). All garments are made out of Ireland.

Out of Ireland clothing draws inspiration from Irish quality products and material and offers a refreshing, natural collection with great importance given to comfort. Out of Ireland offers casual fashion, to easily create outfits in trendy colours in natural materials or mixtures of predominantly natural materials.

For the manufacture of the brand's clothing, we favour short production circuits to be more responsive, to follow market trends and also to reduce the impact of our productions on the environment. The products are manufactured in production workshops carefully selected for their know-how and their specific skills according to the different materials and supports worked for the needs of the brand's products.

Out of Ireland is a great outdoor brand that makes the most of comfortable, robust and mostly natural fabric, with great attention to detail. Treat yourself to a stylish outdoor collection with a touch of glamour, adventure and softness for women and a trail-blazer, sportswear style for men.

Get inspired by Out of Ireland core values: nature, simplicity, well-being and freedom!