Long Pond 2005 Cambridge 70cl 60°

New Long Pond 2005 Cambridge 70cl 60°
Distillery : Long Pond / Country : Jamaica / Reference: : 25892

Carrying the STCE appellation (Simon Thomson Cambridge Estate), this Long Pond rum has been distilled in a double retort pot still and aged for 18 years in Bourbon casks in a tropical climate. It has an exceptional angels' share of 75%. It has an ester content of between 550 and 700 grams of esters per hectolitre of pure alcohol.

It exhales the empyreumatic and medicinal aromas with which it was born, aromas that have been joined by tropical and gourmet flavours over the years.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeOld Rum
DistilleryLong Pond
Age18 years

Nose: fine and balanced, with aromas ranging from spicy to floral, woody and mineral.

Palate: fiery and dense, with empyreumatic and spicy flavours at first, followed by fruity and vanilla notes.

Finish: long and rich, with gourmand notes (cane sugar, honey, caramel, etc.).