The Peat Monster 70cl 46°

Brand : Compass Box / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 21032

Combining the excellent, quite smoky Speyside Single Malt Armore, with the very peaty scotch Islay Single Malt Laphroaig, Compass Bow crafted an exceptional un-chillfiltered vatted malt, The Peat Monster. Very accessible and perfectly balanced, this whisky is quite a beast.

Quite smoky, The Peat Monster does not forget its island origins and reveals the depth of Port Askaig malts, marked by an elegant smokiness as well as the southern island malts, showing an earthy, medicinal flavour. Matured in first fill and refill Bourbon barrels, the selected malts have been aged 10 to 16 years.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV46 °
TypeBlended Whisky
BrandCompass Box
CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered

“Anyone can bottle a Single Cask; the real skill in Scotch whisky is demonstrated by the blender.” This quote from John Glaser, founder of the Compass Box Company, sums up perfectly the current context.

In the last few years, the trend has been focusing on Single casks. Running against the stream, John Glaser’s approach may be seen as a bet, or madness. But some would say this is well thought, prepared and resulting from a long experience.

Before discovering the whisky world in 1994, John Glaser first worked for the wine industry. Six years in the Diageo group, global leader in spirits, developed a passion for whisky and a new conception of blending. In 2000, John Glaser took off to give it a go. The first blend he made was in the kitchen. Later, he settled in the basement of a hair salon at the heart of London. He moved his small laboratory in a spacious loft, in Chiswick Studios, still in downtown London.

A world apart from modern processes, John Glaser created a whirlwind in the traditional methods of blending with his craft approach, not aimed at creating a product meeting marketing criteria. The only parameter taken into account by John Glaser is pleasure, and maybe his own above all. Everything is done by the nose; no electronics enters the elaboration process. However, nothing is left to chance.

To create richness and balance is the only aim of John Glaser. To reach that goal, he selects only the best Single Malts and Single Grains, but goes way further than a commercial agent, as he blends and creates new whiskies and new emotions. Each whisky proportions are blended according to the required style and prevailing aromas.

Colour: straw yellow colour shimmering green.

Nose: lively and precise. The first nose is quite phenolic and marked by citrus fruits and pears. Evolves on the smoke and the marine character (fish eggs) of Caol Ila creeps in progressively. When diluted, reveals notes of sweet almonds.

Palate: extremely powerful. A frank attack on liquorice sticks, developing onto peaty bitterness and spices (pepper).

Finish: long and lingering, over notes of an extinct fire.

Bronze medal, no age statement Scottish Blended Malt Whisky, World Whiskies Awards 2021.

Awarded Best no age statement Scottish Blended Malt Whisky, World Whiskies Awards 2020.