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Neisson L'Esprit Bio 70cl 70°

Distillery : Neisson / Country : Martinique / Reference: : 24257

The Neisson distillery offers all its know-how in a unique white rum: Esprit Bio, the first rum in the world to benefit from organic certification.

After years of work to obtain this certification, Neisson turns a page in the history of rum, mixing innovation and traditional Martinican culture.

The organic spirit is produced from 3 varieties of sugar cane: red cane, cinnamon and zicak. It is distinguished by the freshness of the cane and intense fruity aromas.

Its scents and flavours are enhanced by vegetal notes of sugar cane and lemon, and develops sweet notes subtly peppery.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeWhite Rum
CharacteristicsOrganic product

Created in 1931 in Martinique, the Neisson distillery preserves and renews since that time its expertise to propose rum agricultural in the purest Martinique tradition. Packaged in an original bottle, the Neisson rum benefits from the label of "Origine Controlée Rhum Agricole Martinique".

An agricutural rum is coming from the distillation of sugar cane juice as opposed to industrial rum from the distillation of molasses (residue from cane sugar production).

The distillery is now managed by the daughter and the grandson of Hildevert-Pamphille Neisson, founder of the distillery. It preserves its independence as a fragile treasure.

"A desire to remain on a human scale, coupled with a quest for excellence, in our opinion, is the only guarantee of offering a rare product, and that the family tradition can last."