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Santa Teresa 1796 70cl 40°

Brand : Santa Teresa / Country : Venezuela / Reference: : 22489

Resulting from a blend of spirits, some of which aged up to 35 years old, Santa Teresa 1796 has been voted "Best Rum of the World" several times. This complex rum shows incredible flavours of banana, caramel, tobacco, honey and nuts.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV40 °
TypeOld Rum
BrandSanta Teresa

Santa Teresa’s estate has been established in 1796, and has been producing light rum.

Its elaboration process starts with the fermentation of molasses, either batch after batch (between one or two days) or continuously during 15 hours (a process co-developed with Bacardi) yielding a four times purer must. These different musts may be distilled in columns to obtain an alcohol with a desired amount of congeners, or craft distilled in pot stills. The maturation is done in tanks up to 18.000 liters capacity or in solera. Worldwide renowned for its quality and originality, the “Ron de Venezuela” became one of the first Appelation of Controlled Origin.

Colour: old gold with amber glow.

Nose: rare complexity. Fragrances of pear and bananas, caramel corn and vanilla tobacco.

Palate: sweet and rich, mingling chocolate, dry banana, coffee, honey and cane juice.

Finish: quite long and dry, finely woody with notes of exotic fruits and dried fruits.