Christmas selection: Irish Whiskeys

In better shape than ever, the market of the Irish Whiskey is blooming. Irish whiskey is an original idea of Christmas. With its triple distillation, the spirit of Ireland has a soft style, an inimitable fruity taste and aromas rich in spices. Free delivery from 120 € of purchases.

A recognized and appreciated whiskey for Christmas

Irish whiskey, acclaimed worldwide for its unique triple distillation process, is the ideal gift if you are looking for an original idea for Christmas. Whether intended for a connoisseur or a neophyte, its sweet, fruity and slightly spicy side will delight all palates. You won't go wrong by opting for renowned whiskeys such as JamesonBushmills or Teeling, which are the pride of Ireland. If you prefer the option of discovery, turn to promising and innovative distilleries such as Waterford or Slane. In any case, the recipient of this original Christmas gift will not be indifferent!

Offer a unique tasting moment

To complete your gift, accompany your bottle of whiskey with a tasting glass. The Túath crystalline glasses, whose finely chiselled stem is inspired by the island of Skellig Michael in Ireland, have been designed to provide the optimal tasting experience for Irish whiskey. Whisky boxes are an excellent alternative if you are looking for a ready-made gift presented in the most beautiful way. With or without glass, in miniatures or in classic format, you will surely find what you are looking for. Finally, add whisky stones to your gift that will refresh your drink in the most natural way and without altering the flavours.

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