Christmas selection: Exotic whiskies

For connoisseurs, offer during Christmas an exotic whisky. Discover our selection of original whiskies from Japan, the United States, Taiwan, India, France, etc. to offer for the end of year celebrations. Free delivery from 120€ of purchases.

Christmas: whiskies of the world

Whisky, traditionally associated with Scotland, Ireland, the USA and Japan, is now produced in many other countries. Distilleries have emerged in places as diverse as Taiwan, Montreal, South Korea, France, Finland, England, India and Wales, each bringing its own unique methods and cultures to the production of this spirit. Among these new producing regions, some distilleries stand out for their history, specific climate and innovation in distillation, contributing to the diversity and enrichment of the global whisky universe.

You'll be able to find :

-          Penderyn: Welsh distillery

-          Nantou: Taiwanese distillery

-          Montreal distillery

-          Kyrö: Finnish distillery

-          Cotswolds: English distillery

-          Amrut: Indian distillery

-          Armorik: Brittany distillery

Tasting advice

To fully appreciate your whisky, pour a small amount (between 1.5 and 3 centilitres) into a tasting glass. For the best tasting experience, make sure your whisky is at room temperature. If this is not the case, opt for whisky stones, which lower the temperature of your drink from 20° to around 10° without diluting it with water.

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