Top 24 Peated Whiskies

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Peat and whisky

Peat is an organic material that acts as a natural fuel when the malt is dried. Generally speaking, peated whisky has its own distinctive smoky aroma. This can be more or less pronounced, and can take the form of other more or less delicate aromas. There are several different peat intensities: very peated whiskiespeated whiskies and lightly peated whiskies.

How are our best peated whiskies selected ? 

Today there are a multitude of peated whiskies, from different distilleries and countries. This makes it difficult to choose between all the peated whiskies available on the market. It's also difficult to remain objective, because everyone has their own taste in whisky. But we have taken specific criteria into account: smell, taste, value for money, awards, etc.

Peated whisky brands

Peated whiskies are generally made by Scottish distilleries: Ardbeg, renowned by peat lovers, Benromach, located in the northern region of Scotland: Speyside, this region is renowned for providing distilleries with exceptionally pure fresh water. Peat is not essentially Scottish: other countries also produce fine bottles. Ireland with the famous Teeling distilleryJapan with the Sasanokawa Shuzo distilleryFrance with the Armorik distillery, and many others to discover in our selection of peated whisky.

Tasting advice

To fully appreciate your whisky, pour a small quantity (between 1.5 and 3 centilitres) into a tasting glass. For the best tasting experience, make sure your whisky is at room temperature. If this is not the case, opt for whisky stones, which lower the temperature of your drink from 20° to around 10° without diluting it with water.

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