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Scones White, Preserve & Clotted Cream Pack

Brand : Odlums / Reference: : PPSCONESW20

Scones are delicious classics of British cuisine. Perfect for afternoon tea. To prepare your scones, you only need the three ingredients of this pack that contains:

Odlums Irish White Scones Baking Mix 450g

Clotted Cream Cottage Delight 170g

Folláin Blueberry and Raspberry Spread 340g

Very simple to prepare, just add the contents of the preparation to 250 ml of water, mix, press the dough with his hands, cut the scones and cook them. Once out of the oven, fill them up and it's ready!

Enjoy the tasting!

13,90 € tax incl.

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Odlums has been producing flour in Ireland for more than 160 years.

The company was created by the Odlum family in 1845 when they opened their first mill in Portlaoise. The Odlums flour has been used in Irish homes for generations. Today, Odlums strives for innovation and the brand continues to provide Irish consumers with a wide range of flours and mixes of the highest quality. The Odlums range includes more than 120 different products.