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The perfect barbecue


With the good weather and the days that go on, the barbecue season is officially launched.

For a successful barbecue, we have concocted a list of products to impress your guests and treat you between: spreads of the sea, snacks, sauces and condiments to accompany your grills, biscuits, marshmallows and chocolate bars for smores worthy of this name and drinks with or without alcohol, to accompany everything!

Snacking for appetizer

To start as it should your barbecue, think our snack for the appetizer.

Assortment of nuts, tapas, spreads of the sea, terrines, verrines, chips ... discover snacks for all tastes!


La paimpolaise


Vegetables spreads

Some chips ? 

Whether as an aperitif or to accompany your grills, chips are essential for a good barbecue time!

Find the inimitable Guinness chips , the n°1 wavy chips in Ireland Hunky Doris or the healthy and delicious Pea Pops chips.

Chips Guinness

Pea Pops

Sauces for accompaniment

Essential for a good cooking, sauces and condiments decorate salads, meats and other dishes.

Of Indian origin, chutneys bring a unique taste and texture. Discover, of course, the essential sauces Heinz, Guinness and HP for meats and potatoes.

Cottage Delight


HP sauce


The tasting




The essential  recipe

S'more is a popular dessert in the United States and Canada, traditionally eaten near a campfire during the summer. It consists of a grilled marshmallow and a square of chocolate between two cookies.

The Smores are delicious to enjoy around a barbecue between friends or family.

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The refreshing drinks

With the summer heat, nothing better to drink than a cool drink.
Discover our range of sparkling drink Franklin & Sons and Mangajo iced tea.
This summer, think about hot or iced tea too!

Franklin & Sons



Our cellar of beautiful days

The beautiful days are coming, it is the opportunity to take advantage of our wide range of whiskies, beers, rums and gins that our cellar offers to make your appetizers and cocktails.