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  • Ulster Weavers

    Ulster Weavers has been established in 1980. The company specialises in linens and is based in Hollywood, North of Ireland.
  • Vanessa Bee Designs

    This postal card collection offers unique sheep designs made using real sheep’s wool.
  • Waltons

    Ireland would not be Ireland without Irish music! Irish pubs are the meeting place for fans of traditional music and musicians who love to share their passion.
  • Waterford

    The Waterford distillery was launched by Mark Reynier in Ireland, drawing inspiration from the greatest winegrowers in the world, and is generating enormous interest among whisky lovers around the world.
  • West Cork Distillers

    "West Cork Distillers" is located on Skibbereen, in the Cork County. It was established in 2003 by Denis Mc CARTHY, Ger Mc CARTHY et John O’CONNELL.
  • Westland

    Founded in 2010, the Westland Distillery is a pioneer in the development of American Single Malt Whiskey. It is by sourcing its materials locally that it gives a new voice to single malt, that of the American terroir.
  • Whitakers

    Whitakers chocolates, based in Skipton, Yorkshire, was founded by John and Rebecca Whitaker in 1889 and has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of chocolate in the United Kingdom in four generations.
  • White Oak - Akashi Whisky

    The history - if not the legend - of Japanese whiskey starts with Masataka Taketsuru, founding father of Japanese whisky, who embarked on a two-year journey to Scotland after World War One to learn the art of distilling.
  • Whittard of Chelsea

    Le Comptoir Irlandais is in France an official distributor of Whittard of Chelsea instant teas and 50 teabags boxes. For more than 125 years, the Whittard of Chelsea Company has been developing innovative tea collections and expertise in flavours and blending, offering the best quality, refined products.
  • Whyte & Mackay

    The Whyte & Mackay packaging is evocative of the blue Scottish flag, reminding of the true spirit of this brand leader in Scotland, which is perfect harmony between centenary traditions and contemporary values.
  • Wolfburn

    Wolfburn rose from its ashes in 2012 under the spur of a group of investors in the County of Caithness. The distillery sits on the northernmost part of Scotland in the town of Thurso.
  • Woodford Reserve

    It is the oldest, the smallest and the slowest distillery (when considering maturation times) of today’s last nine Kentucky distilleries.
Showing 385 - 396 of 399 items
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