Abram Lyle & Sons Black Treacle 454g

Brand : Abram Lyle & Sons / Country : England / Reference: : 10085

This sugar syrup is very dark, generally called molasse, gives flavour to your traditional recipes like the Christmas pudding or the ginger bread.

This is the syrup obtained after the 2nd boiling of the sugar, it is a syrup a little less sweet than the clear molasses with a more pronounced taste. Black molasses has a more pronounced bitterness. Its taste may be reminiscent of licorice.

To use molasses and incorporate it into baking, replace 1/3 of the portion of sugar with molasses. It can also be used for marinades of meat or fish in sweet and savory recipes.

Boxes may have product residue from their closing process.

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Net Weight0.454 kg
BrandAbram Lyle & Sons
PackagingMetal Box

Scottish businessman Abram Lyle opens in 1881 a sugar refinery with his three sons, on the banks of the river Thames. Abram Lyle & Sons was born and this is how the story of one of the oldest and most enjoyed worldwide brand begun.

Ingredients: Made from cane molasses: a source of minerals.

Allergy advice: contains natural sulfites.

Valeur nutritionnelle moyenne
Average nutrition value
Valeur énergétique / Energy290kcal
Protéines / Protein1.7g
Glucides / Carbohydrate
dont sucres / of which sugars
Lipides / Fat
dont saturés / of which saturates
Sel / Salt0.13g
Fer / Iron14mg
Magnésium / Magnesium130mg
Iode / Iodine100mg

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