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Dark Chocolate Toblerone 360g

Brand : Toblerone / Reference: : 10398

The Toblerone bar is now available in a dark chocolate version with honey nougat and almonds in a black packaging.

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It's been more than a century since this unique chocolate was created. With its special recipe, its triangular shape and its typical logo, Toblerone quickly became the Swiss chocolate par excellence. Toblerone is a word consisting of the names "Tobler" (family name of the creators) and "Torrone" which means nougat with honey and almonds in Italian.

The history of the brand really began in 1867 when Jean Tobler opened his "Special Confectionery" in Bern, Switzerland.

Very soon, the demand for Tobler chocolates is so strong that Jean Tobler ends up opening his own chocolate factory. With his sons, he founded the "Berne Chocolate Factory, Tobler & Cie".

In 1908, Theodor Tobler (Jean Tobler's son) and Emil Baumann (production manager and Theodor's cousin) invented a unique chocolate: the Toblerone! With its special recipe, its triangular shape and its typical logo, Toblerone becomes the Swiss chocolate par excellence.

Today, the production of this famous chocolate is still made in Bern.

Valeur nutritionnelle moyenne
Average nutrition value
Pour 100g
Per 100g
Valeur énergétique / Energy542kcal
Protéines / Protein6g
Glucides / Carbohydrate
dont sucres / of which sugars
Lipides / Fat
dont saturés / of which saturates
Sel / Salt0.01g

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Best before: see date on pack.