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MOMA Porridges 10 Pots Pack

Country : United Kingdom / Reference: : P10PPMOMA

Ideal to vary the pleasure at breakfast, this pack contains a lot of 10 porridge jars from MOMA including:

- 2 x Moma Coco & Chia Porridge Pot 60g

- 2 x Moma Golden Syrup Porridge Pot 70g

- 2 x Moma Cranberries & Raisins Porridge Pot 70g

- 2 x Moma Almond Butter and Salted Caramel Porridge Pot 55g

- 2 x Moma Cocoa Hazelnuts Porridge Pot 65g

19,50 € tax incl.

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CountryUnited Kingdom

In 2005, Tom Mercer revolutionised breakfast by creating Moma: recipes made from oat, fruits, nuts and seeds, served in take-away pots, for healthy breakfasts, gluten-free and vegetarian! MOMA stands for Make Oat More Awesome.

Tom Mercer was tired of unbalanced and too sweet breakfasts. He decided to create MOMA in February 2005 to offer healthy and innovative breakfasts. He then developed a first recipe with yoghurt, oats and fruits and went to meet travelers in transit at Waterloo Station in London to check if his intuition was shared. After more than 200 tastings, he decided to open his first "porridge truck" in front of Waterloo station. Then he developed a range of oatmeal recipes for London's finest grocery stores.

In 2012, MOMA developed a range of instant porridges to take away in a pot. These pots contain British oat with fruits (apples, raisins, coconut ...), nuts and seeds (chia, pumpkin ...). Simple and quick to prepare, add hot water, mix and enjoy!

MOMA's delicious porridge with a creamy and consistent texture are especially rich in taste and perfect to start the day. This porridge meets the expectations of a clientele looking for a meal rich in fibres, vegetarian and gluten-free, the porridge is very trendy! To please everyone, MOMA has developed a range of porridge made from cow's milk and another developed with coconut milk (for lactose intolerant).

MOMA also offers a range of muesli, granola and oat flakes.

MOMA products are GMO-free.

ngredients: wholegrain gluten free oats (59%), roasted ground almonds (17%), dates (dates, rice flour), coconut sugar, roasted almond pieces (3%), sea salt (1%), natural flavouring.

Allergy advice: for allergens see ingredients in bold. May also contain nuts.

Contains naturally occurring sugars. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Preparation: remove the tab and add hot water to the line inside the pot. Mix well, replace the lid and wait 3-5 minutes before eating. Be careful the pot can be hot!

Porridge pots can be prepared with fresh fruit or seeds for even more gluttony!