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Organic products

Selection among our Fine Food Shop products with the label Organic farming. This certification ensures that the production method is respectful of the environment and animal welfare.

In the world of fine food in general, there are more and more products bearing the organic label, be it milk, cereals, biscuits, tea or even beer. They can be recognised by their label with the European organic logo and/or the AB logo, usually in green.

What is organic?

The term "organic" refers to a product or commodity that is produced organically. The method of cultivation or agricultural production is natural and does not use chemical substitutes such as pesticides, chemical weed killers, synthetic fertilisers or growth hormones.

This production method is part of a global vision of sustainable growth that respects the environment, biodiversity and animal welfare. Organic farming uses natural and recycled organic matter and the principle of crop rotation.

The principle of organic farming originated from a number of initiatives by agronomists, doctors, farmers and consumers who, in the 1920s, generated new ideas based on ethical and ecological principles, and initiated a new mode of agricultural production.

Among our selection of organic products from our sweet food, you will find organically grown tea and herbal teas from the British companies Hampstead Tea and Heath & Heather or Farm Brothers biscuits.

In the cellar, you will also find organic whiskies and organic beers.

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