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Dammann Frères 3 Tins Xmas Gift Set

Brand : Dammann / Reference: : 12891

This box will introduce you to the three Christmas teas from Maison Dammann Frères. Presented in 40g boxes, these teas will transport you to Paris, Manhattan or London.

Christmas in Paris tea: black tea that combines the fruity flavours of cherry and almond with those of gingerbread and ginger.

Christmas in Manhattan tea: green tea made from star anise, essential oil of clementine, puffed rice, with aromas of chestnut, maple syrup, chocolate and green apple.

Christmas in London tea: black tea with comforting notes of cinnamon, vanilla, apple, bitter almond and flower petals.

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Dammann Freres has been faithful to the tradition of specialty teas since 1925. The tea brand has earned worldwide recognition quite early. Dammann Freres experts have been seeking the best blends and the most subtle flavours for generations: a quest for perfection whose single purpose is the satisfaction and pleasure of all tea lovers.

The story of a passion

In 1980, Dammann Frères invented the Cristal® bag: the light, thin transparent fabric shows the carefully selected tea leaves unfolding when brewed. The Cristal® bag makes each cup the perfect brew and allows enhanced tea flavours.

In 2005, Dammann Freres expanded rapidly and created a new visual identity. Illy became the major stakeholder and in 2008, a new store opened in Paris. In 2012, Dammann Freres opened shops in 62 countries abroad. So much ground has been covered since Louis XIV first granted Sieur Damame the exclusive privilege of selling tea in France...

A world of fragrances and origins

Dammann created a savoury and classy selection of both traditional and bold tea blends, such as green teas, herbal teas, Carcadet and Rooibos.

As real tea connoisseurs, Dammann tea experts select tea upon its colour, shape and regularity of the leaves, and then classify the smoothness, strength, bitterness and flavours of the tea. Retro-olfaction (when exhaling air through the nose while maintaining the tea in the mouth for a little while) opens on new, original flavours. The tea flavours may be classified as such: bitter, tangy, salty, sweet and umami (a Japanese word designating savoury flavours).

Dammann strives to develop the best quality teas to offer the best floral, vegetal, woody or fruity flavours. Its creations open on new worlds of sweetness and vitality, with bold and comforting flavours and aromas that capture the mind. A unique occasion to share the most unforgettable moment.

Recommended infusion time for Christmas in Paris and Christmas in London teas: 4-5 minutes at 90 °C.

Recommended infusion time for Christmas in Manhattan tea: 3-4 minutes at 85-90 °C.