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Tea at the Pub 125g

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• BrandLe Comptoir Irlandais Selection
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Just imagine yourself in a leather sofa, resting on comfy cushions in an old traditional pub adorned with panellings, as you can smell an apple pie baking in the kitchen... You are now ready to sip your "Tea at the Pub": a blend of non-smoked black teas from China and Ceylon, with a hint of maraschino (Italian cherry liqueur) with real pieces of apples and helianthus petals.

Exclusively at Le Comptoir Irlandais, discover our new range “The seasons of Teas”. Our passion for the art of tea has pushed us to try out something new and this is how we created our delicately scented, high quality tea blends.

Blends of the finest quality

Each one of our blends has a story that makes it unique. All facets of Ireland and its culture are to be found in the flavours of our teas, selected from among the best varieties of teas from China, Ceylon, Assam, Darjeeling, Keemun and Sencha.

Delicately flavoured with bergamot and fruity flavours, sprinkled with petals and dried fruit pieces, The Seasons of Teas develop silky natural scents that capture the mind.

St-PatrickThe Seasons of Teas are available in three ranges: black teas, whose leaves undergo fermentation to give it its characteristic flavour, teas of origin, designating teas collected in specific geographical areas and flavoured green tea, which has not been fermented.

The Irish Spirit

Les Passagers (The Passengers), Miss O'Hara, Rendez-vous à Shannon (Meet up in Shannon), Connemara, Sur la Route de Galway (On the road to Galway)... Our teas reflect the Irish past and present heritage, its impressive landscapes but also the warmth of its welcome and the pleasure of journeying and sharing, which translate into the aromas of our unique collection of teas.

Available in boxes of 125g or 100g in-store, you will find a wide array of different flavours and delicious tea blends.

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Tea at the Pub 125g

Tea at the Pub 125g

A blend of non-smoked teas from China and Ceylon, lifted with a hint of maraschino (Italian cherry liqueur), sprinkled with real apple pieces and helianthus petals.

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Ingredients: black teas from China and Ceylon, with caramelized apple flavourings, maraschino (Italian cherry liqueur). Contains flavourings of caramelized apples and flower petals.

Steeping time: 4/5 minutes.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Best before: see packaging.

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