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Whittard Liquorice & Lemongrass Fruit Infusion 20 Tea Bags 40g

Brand : Whittard / Country : England / Reference: : 12556

This infusion based on plants combines the sweetness of liquorice with the freshness of lemongrass. The cardamom, ginger and nettle leaves boost the infusion.

Prepared with natural ingredients and cafeine free, this infusion is very refreshing.

Contains liquorice : excessive consumption is not suitable for people suffering from hypertension.

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Net Weight0.03 kg
Inside PackagingPouches

Le Comptoir Irlandais is in France the exclusive distributor of Whittard of Chelsea instant teas and 50 teabags boxes. For more than 125 years, the Whittard of Chelsea Company has been developing innovative tea collections and expertise in flavours and blending, offering the best quality, refined products.

A tale of fondness for tea

Pursuing his passion for quality tea and coffee, Walter Whittard opened his first shop in London, in 1886. He gave up on the family business of leather merchant, and set out on a journey to source the finest quality tea, coffee and cocoa from across the globe.

At the age of 25, he established the first shop on Fleet Street. On that specific year, the tea trade boomed and England began importing huge quantities of tea from India, exceeding the tea imports from China.

But what really made the success of the small Fleet Street shop, filled floor to ceiling by the pots of varied loose tea, coffee, cocoa powder, were the exceptional blends crafted by Walter for the pleasure of his clients.

His creations met immediate success and Walter Whittard moved to the famous “Street of Tea” Mincing Lane, vibrant area for the tea trade in London back then. After World War II, the brand was established in Chelsea, hence the name we know of today: “Whittard of Chelsea”.

The exceptional Whittard of Chelsea creations

Today, the brand has developed worldwide renowned expertise. Whittard offers a remarkable range of teas, with evocative and enchanting names and scents, but also a large variety of fragrant coffees and cocoa powders. With its innovative packaging, designed with the prettiest patterns of the classical English style, and creations of incredible flavours, Whittard of Chelsea is a famous classic in the world of tea.

Ingredients: 42% lemongrass, 24% liquorice root, 15% ginger, nettle leaves, 9% cardamom.

Contains liquorice: excessive consumption is not suitable for people suffering from hypertension.