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Blueberry Herbal Tea 20 Bags

Brand : La CourTisane / Country : Canada / Reference: : 11294

This La CourTisane box contains 20 individually wrapped tea bags with blueberry flavour.

This herbal tea can tasted hot or iced. To make an iced herbal tea, pour 1/3 of a cup of boiling water, steep one tea bag for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove it and fill with ice cubes then stir and enjoy!

6,95 € tax incl.

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Net Weight0.04 kg
BrandLa CourTisane
PackagingCardboard Box
Inside PackagingPouches

The Four O'Clock teas are made in the Trans-Herbe factory. This company also makes the Courtisane that offers a large range of flavours. These teas are made with quality ingredients with mutiples flavours: blueberry, orange caprice, mango, wild berries, passion fruit, ginger pear, spicy chocolates, lime and cranberry.

Ingredients: rosehips, hibiscus flowers, blueberry leaves, lemongrass herb, orange leaves, orange peels, natural flavours, lemon peels, blueberries.