Bart Spices Garam Masala 83g

Brand : Bart / Country : England / Reference: : 12397

A common seasoning of Indian cuisine, Garam Masala is a unique blend of spices such as coriander, caraway, cinnamon or cardamom.

Cardamom imparts a delicious lemony fragrance. Unlike curry, Garam Masala is added in the end of the cooking process. It brings an Indian touch to your meals. In India, Garam Masala is also used to enhance the taste of vegetables (eggplant, courgettes, carrots...).

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Launched in 1963 by Reg & John Bartlam, Bart has been selecting, for more than 50 years, the best ingredients to craft exceptionally fragrant spice mixes.

Bart Spices just add a magic touch to your homemade meals. Bart offers a wide spice range for you to craft the best specialties from all over the world: garam masala, cinnamon, curries, spice mixes…  Bart offers ingredients arousing your culinary passion, selecting only ingredients of the finest quality.

Ingredients : Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves, Ginger, Dill Seed, Cardamom.

Store in a dark, cool, dry place.