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Mango Chutney Highfield Preserves 280g

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• BrandHighfield Preserves
• CountryEngland
• CharacteristicsGluten-free
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An all-time classic! This rich mango chutney is made from juicy tropical mangoes slowly cooked with sugar. Add a spoonful of chutney in your dish and spice up your curry meals with its sweet, exotic flavour! It may also be used with foie gras, white meats, naans or papadums.

Did you know?

"Chutney" comes from the hindi word "chatni" and has been introduced in Western countries during colonial period. Chatni was a condiment made with fruits and vegetables cooked in sugar or spices.

Highfield Preserves is an english family business specialized into chutneys and marmelades.

Highfield Preserves is an English family business born in 1983 in Devon. The Fraiser family strives to elaborate the most delicious craft recipes: each ingredient is carefully selected to retain all the flavours in each pot. Highfield Preserves prepares only recipes without any artificial colourings or preservatives. Spice up your meals with a genuine British chutney range!

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Mango Chutney Highfield Preserves 280g

Mango Chutney Highfield Preserves 280g

Mango chutney is a British specialty from India.

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Ingredients: sugar, mangoes (42%), spices, salt, acetic acid.

Without artificial colourings or preservatives.

Refrigerate once opened.

Best before: see date on pack.

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