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Punjaban Butter Chicken Sauce 350g

Brand : Punjaban / Country : India / Reference: : 12376

For an authentic indian food, the Punjaban sauces are perfect ! They proposes an unique spices mix with curcuma, curry, coriander.

Tempting onions bits and spices with pronounced taste composes this sauce. its taste is enhanced with green pepper, cumin seeds and spices mix. Charanjit Sapal realize this recipe without butter but you can add a few following the original recipe. The butter chicken is an inescapable indian food, served with chicken, vegetables and cashew nuts.

For a creamier texture and to soften the hot taste, you can add fresh cream. This sauce is gluten-free, without artificials colouring and preservatives.

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Punjaban, natural ingredients from India
Since 2010, Charanjit Sapal and his two children Gurjeet and Ria have been selecting the finest and most authentic Indian ingredients for their family recipes, such as Curcuma, Coriander or curry. These sauces remind of the homemade meals and may be served with naan bread or rice.

Cook yourself a delicious Indian meal in no time!

For an authentic Indian recipe, Punjaban sauces are simply the best. They offer a unique mix of spices such as curcuma, curry and coriander, and are gluten-free, with no additives or artificial colourings. For a more creamy texture and a smoother taste, just add fresh cream. Sauces sold in a glass jar.

Ingredients: tomatos, canola oil (2%), garlic, ginger, spices, salt, lemon juice, fresh green peppers,cumin seeds.

Allergen informations: can contains mustard. Suitable to vegetarians.

Valeur nutritionnelle moyenne
Average nutrition value
Valeur énergétique / Energy146kcal
Protéines / Protein2.1g
Glucides / Carbohydrate
dont sucres / of which sugars
Lipides / Fat
dont saturés / of which saturates

After opening, store in refrigerator for 3 days.

Best to be used before: see the date on the pot.