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Mixed spice Organique 30g

Brand : Bart / Country : England / Reference: : 12378

This traditional blend of spices contains Coriander, Cinnamon, Cassia, Ginger, Caraway, Nutmeg and Cloves. Mixed Spice, like mixed herbs is a traditional blend that’s great to have in the cupboard. It can be used as part of a marinade, sprinkled into casseroles as well as in the baking of rich fruit cakes and puddings.

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Net Weight0.3 kg
CharacteristicsSans gluten & bio

Launched in 1963 by Reg & John Bartlam, Bart has been selecting, for more than 50 years, the best ingredients to craft exceptionally fragrant spice mixes.

Bart Spices just add a magic touch to your homemade meals. Bart offers a wide spice range for you to craft the best specialties from all over the world: garam masala, cinnamon, curries, spice mixes…  Bart offers ingredients arousing your culinary passion, selecting only ingredients of the finest quality.

Ingredients: Coriander*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Nutmeg*, Clove*.

*denotes ingredients organically produced to Soil Association Standards.

Best before end: see date on packaging.

Store in a dark, cool, dry place.