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La Paimpolaise Welk Tapas 100g

Brand : La Paimpolaise / Country : France / Reference: : 12443

Marinaded with grilled red peppers, onion and lemon, these sea snails have a lovely refreshing tang.

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Net Weight0.1 kg
BrandLa Paimpolaise
PackagingMetal Box

La Paimpolaise Conserverie, a Breton company led by an exceptional chef, has the ambition to share the genuine flavours of the Breton countryside. La Paimpolaise invites us on a journey of the senses with its fish and shellfish spreads.

Chef Yann TREBAOL has been selected as one of the seven winners of the "Stars & Business 2011" for its exceptional sea terrines and spreads, on December 13, 2011 at Olympia, Paris. This award is considered as the Caesar of Craftsmanship.

Each recipe is cooked only with natural products without additives or preservatives. Discover the authentic craft recipes of the Breton regional heritage.


Whelks** 51% (mollusk), grilled red peppers purée 19% (red peppers, sunflower oil, herbes de Provence, garlic, black pepper), lemon 5% (sulphites), olive oil, fish sauce (fish), onion, sugar, vinegar, Millac sea salt, seaweeds (wakame), lemon concentrate (sulphites).

** Buccinum undatum, origin France.

The information in bold is intended for people who are intolerant or allergic.

Valeur nutritionnelle moyenne
Average nutrition value
Valeur énergétique / Energy147kcal
Protéines / Protein12.0g
Glucides / Carbohydrate
dont sucres / of which sugars
Lipides / Fat
dont saturés / of which saturates

How to use:
Serve lightly chilled as an hors d’oeuvre; gently shake the tin before opening and empty contents into a small tapas dish.

 Once opened, keep in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days.