Armorik Maitre De Chai 2023 70cl 50°

New Armorik Maitre De Chai 2023 70cl 50°
Distillery : Armorik / Country : France / Reference: : 25758

A limited edition of 300, this Armorik offers total creative freedom to the Cellar Master of Erwan Lefebvre's Warenghem distillery. Made up of a meticulous blend of the finest casks from his cellars, each element, from the cask to the aromatic note, contributes to the exceptional complexity and remarkable balance of this Armorik Maître de Chai.

Initially inspired by the many French wine casks in the cellars, Erwan designed an intensely fruity Armorik, fusing the distinctive fruity character of the distillate with the nuances from the wine casks.

The combination of French wine, Bourbon, French oak and Sherry casks gives this composition a singular aromatic complexity.

This limited edition embodies the very best of Brittany.

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Volume0.7 L
MaturationBourbon, Sherry and Wine
PeatNon Peated

The distillery Warenghem has carried on its craftsmanship for over 100 years in Lannion in Brittany with the development of alcohols and spirits including Breton whisky Armorik.

A pioneer of malt distilleries in France with a production of French whisky since 1983, the distillery has innovated and launched its Single Malt Armorik in 1987. The Breton company makes a range of Breton whiskies in the Celtic tradition of Irish and Scottish cousins. In the region of Côtes d'Armor, Brittany, France, the distillery has found a perfect environment between the moors and the sea, for the aging of its whisky. Armorik highlights both the quality of the distillery's know-how and its attachment to the Breton terroir.

The production of whisky goes through two copper stills for a double distillation, a cellar aging allowing a thorough work on different types of casks and a passionate cellar master.

Armorik whisky often has notes of iodine, salted butter caramel and cooked apples, reminiscent of the culinary culture of the region and the many traditions of alcohol production.

Pioneering status has earned Armorik the largest stock of French whisky with a very good range of award-winning whiskies, including the Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole 2014 for Armorik Classic.

Nose: Markedly intense and captivatingly complex, the nose reveals a skilful blend of Armorik's summery fruit character with subtleties of peach, spice and wood, creating an aromatic palette of great richness.

Palate: Enveloping the palate, this Armorik strikes a subtle balance between freshness and indulgence. Notes of fresh pear and exotic fruit blend harmoniously, evolving gently towards a creamy finish imbued with vanilla.

Finish: Exceptionally long, the finish lingers elegantly, leaving delicate traces of quince jelly aromas on the palate.