Fuller's Vintage Ale 2016 50cl 8.5°

Brewery : Fuller's / Country : England / Reference: : 23243

In this 2016 Vintage Ale, Nelson Sauvin hop was used. It is a hop type which was developed when Fuller's brewed its first Vintage Ale in 1997. Since then, this aromatic New World hop has pioneered new flavours in beer, and so is a fitting addition to this milestone Vintage Ale recipe.

Vintage Ale is only available as a limited release of individually packaged and numbered bottles.

This exceptional ale will improve for many years to come, like a fine wine or whisky.

This bottle conditioned beer will form a natural sediment.

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Volume0.5 L
ABV8.5 °

The Fuller’s Brewery has been established more than 350 years ago. It is located in Chiswick, in west London.

In 1829, as the owners were in financial trouble, they asked for the help of a new investor, John Fuller. The partnership appeared to be arduous without the help of a master brewer and in 1845, John Bird Fuller, John Fuller’s son, associated with Henry Smith and Master Brewer John Butler to form Fuller Smith & Turner, the company which is still in place today.

Throughout the years, the company established its reputation as a great brewery and pub manager. Indeed, this is the only British brewery awarded the “Champion Beer of Britain” title for three beers: London Pride, ESB and Chiswick Bitter.

In 2005, the brewery owned more than 360 pubs in total.