Eddu Diamond Limited Edition 70cl 44° View full size

Eddu Diamond Limited Edition 70cl 44°

• Volume0.7 L
• ABV44 °
• TypePure Buckwheat
• DistilleryDistillerie des Menhirs
• CountryFrance
• RegionBrittany
• PeatNon Peated
• PackagingBox
• Reference :22836

225,00 €

The Menhirs Distillery reveals Eddu Diamond Limited Edition, an intense and subtle whisky, latest gem added to its whisky range. EDDU translates as buckwheat in Breton language. Eddu Diamond has its roots at the heart of Brittany; it is the only whisky in the world which has been produced from buckwheat only, a perfect combination of Irish and Breton techniques.

Twice distilled in Charentais stills, Eddu Diamond has aged in oak casks from the Broceliande forest, and ex-Cognac casks.

Fruity, supple, fully mature and extremely pleasant in the mouth, Eddu Diamond enters a world of elegance and finesse, with appealing and spicy notes. Only 390 decanters for this premium luxury edition!

Located in Brittany (near Quimper), the Distillerie des Menhirs of Plomelin stands out for its originality. Indeed, it transforms black wheat and apples to cider, both emblematic productions of Brittany, into a range of whiskeys, spirits and high-quality cider.

In 1921, Eddu’s history began in Plomelin (Finistere, France) when Francès Le Lay, great great grand-mother of the actual managers, bought a second-hand still, destined to mobile cider spirit distilling.

Guillaume, the son of Francès, became a known figure as local distiller in the public workshop of Pont-Menhir, Plomelin. So as for his son René. Francès, Guillaume, René.. Guy almost broke the family legacy training as a maths teacher. But the distillation gene took over and Guy came back on the track laid down by his ancestors. In 1986, Guy and his wife planted orchards and built in Pont Menhir their own distillery, hoping to manufacture a new spirit, unheard of in Brittany: The Pommeau des Menhirs, which would become the first Pommeau in Brittany to bear an Appelation of Controlled Origin.

Having mastered the art of distilling cider, Guy Le Lay, always seeking new products boasting the authentic Breton identity, develops the idea of distilling a new cereal: Breton buckwheat. In 1998, new premises are built and a new still purchased: the idea becomes real. The expert advice of a Spirit Master will lead him to success and guarantee the exceptional quality of the whisky to come…

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Eddu Diamond Limited Edition 70cl 44°

Eddu Diamond Limited Edition 70cl 44°

A shining case for a diamond whisky: Eddu reveals a subtle and intense spirit. A fully aromatic limited edition of 390 decanters only.

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Colour: orange mahogany.

Nose: both intense and supple, cinnamon and curry notes with candied fruits, revealing great maturity. Notes of fresh fruits (peach and plum) giving way to sweet undertones of exotic fruits and roasted cask wood.

Palate: bursting with round and appealing flavours of vanilla and cocoa, notes of white fruits lifted with an edge of spices.

Finish: exceptionally long and voluptuous, opening on remarkable mango and coconut.

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