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Matusalem Box Old Fashioned Rum 15 Years 70cl 40°

Distillery : Matusalem / Country : Dominican Republic / Reference: : 23255

This year the house Matusalem offers his old fashioned rum box at 40 °. The rum is aged 15 years in solera, a Spanish method.

This premium rum with zest of oranges, banana, vanilla and cinnamon will surprise you with its sweet and spicy side at the same time.

Included in this pack: the old rum bottle, cocktail recipes, 1 citrus zester, 50ml pure cane sugar syrup and 2 bottles of 3.5ml Angostura that enhance the taste of cocktails.       

47,50 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV40 °
TypeOld Rum
CountryDominican Republic
Age15 years

In the 1930s, Matusalem became the first rum brand in Cuba. Founded in 1872, the distillery developed its secret formula and became hugely successful, until Fidel Castro came into power and sent the Alvarez family into exile.

Divisions arose in the family relative to the control of the brand. However in 1995, 5th generation owners of Matusalem Claudio Alvarez reached an agreement with other members of his family. He settled in the Dominican Republic to perpetuate the methods used by his ancestors, yet unchallenged in the world of rum.

Made from various carefully selected Caribbean spirits, Matusalem rums are characterized by an extremely rich aromatic complexity, boasting extensive experience in rum ageing and blending. Maturation is done in charred white oak bourbon barrels.

Colour: light amber.

Nose: powerful and generous.

Palate: velvety and unctuous, notes of cinnamon, vanilla and candied orange.

Final: long and intense.

Numerous times awarded, it was elected "Best rum of the world" by the American institute of the taste.