Penderyn Legend 70cl 41°

Distillery : Penderyn / Country : Wales / Reference: : 21966

A standard expression of the distillery, Penderyn Legend has aged a few months in Madeira wine casks, with a first maturation in Evan Williams Bourbon barrels. This whisky is 41° ABV and develops a subtle and well-balanced character.

Penderyn Legend picked the gold medal in the European Premium Single Malt category, at the World Masters 2015. This expression reveals a round richness and fruitiness of the unique distillery of Wales.

This spirit is presented in a beautiful case featuring the red dragon, that has been blazoned on the Royal Welsh Badge since 1953, with the motto "Y ddraig goch ddyry cychwyn" - "The Red Dragon inspires action". A fiery creature introduced to Wales by the Romans, the Dragon long remained a symbol of the Celtic King such as Henry Tudor, last King of England crowned on the battlefied in 1485, and now embodies all Welsh things.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV41 °
TypeSingle malt
MaturationBourbon & Madeira Wine
PeatNon Peated
CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered
PackagingCardboard Box

Established in 2000, Penderyn is the first Welsh distillery to resume whiskey production, as the last one closed its doors in 1903. Whisky produced in Whales is called Welsh whisky.

Produced in the village of the same name, located near Brecon Beacons National Park, Penderyn Single Malt has been richly matured and is available with various finishes. The whisky is mainly in Evan Williams bourbon casks, a nod to the Welsh distillers who founded the American distillery. Then, the whisky is either finished in Madeira wine casks, imparting toffee and honey flavours, Port wine casks, for the red fruit aromas, Sherry casks or ex-Islay malt casks for their peaty taste…

Distilled in Faraday stills, a three-storey copper still with long column connected to a higher column by a pipe system, the Penderyn distillate is collected at 92%. A couple of traditional Pot Stills has also been installed in the distillery in 2014.

For Giancarlo Bianchi, the distillery’s technical director, “a non-age whisky distilled in unique stills in Whales, a craft production involving everything up to the 150.00 hand labelled bottles: this is Welsh whisky.”

Colour: bright gold.

Nose: sweet with fresh and appealing notes of green apples and citrus fruits, intermingled with rich fudge flavours.

Palate: fresh and lively, fruity with honeyed vanilla and dried fruits, with a hint of bitterness for a refreshing mouthfeel sensation.

Finish: a whiff from the Madeira wine cask finish, with dried fruits notes.

Gold Medal in the European Premium Single Malt category, World Masters 2015.