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Mackmyra Vit Hund 50cl 46.1°

Distillery : Mackmyra / Country : Sweden / Reference: : 23110

Vit Hund is produced in Sweden by Mackmyra, the country's first distillery. Vit Hund is the translation of "White Dog", the name that the pioneers of American Bourbon gave to the distillate just out of the still before maturation in barrels.

Vit Hund is the raw, un-aged version of what will become Mackmyra whiskey. It is made from unsmoked malted barley. We find the taste of the malted cereal and the fruitiness of the distillate.

To drink in cocktail or digestive.

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Volume0.5 L
ABV46.1 °

In 2011, Mackmyra opened a second distillery whose concept meets the most demanding standards of modernity and energy saving based on the law of gravity. Today, only this Gravity distillery is active and allows the development of a Single Malt racy with typically Swedish accents.

Mackmyra proposes ever more daring assemblages and refinings (casks containing Swedish beer, cranberry wine, etc.).

Nose: fruity (green apple and blackcurrant), notes of vanilla and coconut.

Palate: fruity, spicy, slightly oily with notes of malt, anise, mint and plum.

Finish: spicy, fruity and slightly iodized.