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Kornog Sherry Oloroso Cask Finish 70cl 46°

Distillery : Glann Ar Mor / Country : France / Reference: : 23298

This Kornog Single Malt is a peaty version of Breton whisky aged in Bourbon casks and refined in Oloroso Sherry casks.

This is the first time that the Breton distillery Glann Ar Mor proposes a maturation of a Sherry Oloroso cask. It was bottled between late 2014 and early 2015.

Its advertised peat rate is 30 to 35 ppm (phenols).

*PPM -  phenols parts per million, measuring the influence of the oily smoke peat infusing the germinated barley during the drying process. The longer the exposure, the highest the ppm value is. A well peated whisky reaches a 40-50 ppm. But every whisky still develops its very own character and mouthfeel sensation, depending on the style of each distillery.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV46 °
TypeSingle malt
DistilleryGlann Ar Mor
MaturationOloroso Sherry & Bourbon
CharacteristicsNon Chill-Filtered

Glann Ar Mor means "next to the sea" in Breton language. In 1999, Martine and Jean Donnay chose this authentic marine environment for their distillery. This geographical location has an important role in the aging process of these breton whiskies: the temperature, humidity and the maritime climate.

Colour: gold.

Nose: iodized, citric and herbaceous notes appear. Salty and seductive, the peat reveals subtle aromas of fruit and spices. Subsequently, the alcohol is more lively. A slight aeration time is beneficial to the appreciation of the whisky. The fruity notes (peach, apricot and blackberry) are fully expressed with notes of vanilla, chamomile and honeysuckle.

Palate: creamy and powerful. The peat is earthy, its intensity reveals notes of dried straw softened by the fruit (peach, apricot).

Finish: long, notes spice (clove, pear), root (licorice) and dry grass.