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Cachaça Kapoeira 70cl 38°

Country : Brazil / Reference: : 22507

Cane sugar has been used in the making of this typically brazilian rum, cachaça, with protected designation of origin (IGP). Indeed, sugar canes are harvested when fully matured, each variety cut and treated in 48 hours.

Cachaça Kapoeira reveals fresh notes and smoky notes thanks to a careful selection and a blend according to juice types right before fermentation. Cachaça reveals aromas of fresh cane and white flower, and is perfect served in its iconic Caipirinha cocktail.

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Volume0.7 L
Net Weight0.7 kg
ABV38 °

Colour: pure and colourless.

Nose: warm, with a prevailing flavour of fresh cane.

Palate: a mellow attack, with a developing boldness, between sweet and dry. The cane is here, with dry notes of pepper and allspice.

Finish: clean and light overall with lingering finale.

Cachaça-based cocktails: Caipirinha, mojito, cocktails batidas (with varied fruit juices)...