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Mhoba Rum Strand 101 70cl 58°

Distillery : Mhoba / Country : South Africa / Reference: : 24001

This Mhoba rum has been made from pure fresh cane juice from South Africa’s only sugar cane variety, Nkomazi cane.

This rum, named after its creator and brand ambassador, has been made from a blend of two remarkable rums: Select Reserve Glass Cask Rum and Pot Stilled High Ester White Rum. The result is a "funky" rum, superbly balanced between sweetness and daring with its smoky, caramelized and vanilla notes.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV58 °
TypeSpiced Rum
CountrySouth Africa

It is in the agricultural town of Malelane, in eastern South Africa and in the middle of the estate's sugar cane fields, that the Mhoba artisanal distillery has established. The distillery makes rums out of fresh cane juice from the Nkomazi canes, a local variety with particularly intense aromas, that grow not far from the distillery.

Robert Greaves, the creator of the distillery, designed everything with his own hands, from the fermentation tank to the pot still including the press. Produced from pure sugar cane juice, Mhoba rum is an agricultural rum and corresponds to what is called pure rum, the equivalent of a malt whisky.

Thanks to a long fermentation and an original aging process in demijohn, the rums from this South African distillery are expressive and complex. A great success.

Nose: herbaceous, minty and spicy aromas that complement the vibrant cane. A hint of smoke.

Palate: sweet, warm and oily, with notes of tropical fruits, caramelized sugar cane, vanilla tobacco.

Finish: good length, woody and peppery.