Kirk & Sweeney Rum 18 Years Old 70cl 40°

Archive Kirk & Sweeney Rum 18 Years Old 70cl 40°
Distillery : Kirk & Sweeney / Country : Dominican Republic / Reference: : 23662

Produced in the Dominican Republic, from molasses, this 18-year-old Kirk & Sweeney has aged in American oak barrels for twelve long years, during which it slowly became soaked with aromatic flavours.

The name of this rum comes from the period of prohibition, during which a smuggling activity was sending rum from the West Indies to the United States on board schooners.

One of them was named "Kirk & Sweeney" and gave its name to this rum with the bewitching scent of sherry and molasses, extended by aromas of vanilla, a hint of caramel and dried fruit.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV40 °
TypeOld Rum
DistilleryKirk & Sweeney
CountryDominican Republic
Age18 years
MaturationAmerican Oak

The name "Kirk and Sweeney" echoes the prohibition era in the United States. Indeed, Kirk and Sweeney was the name of a wooden schooner (type of sailboat) that was primarily known for smuggling rum between the Caribbean and the United States.

Before entering US territorial waters, the schooner would drop anchor and sell rum to the small boats alongside it. Faster and more maneuverable than the big coastguard boats, they brought rum ashore without being worried.

This route they took for rum smuggling was then called the "Rum Line" and the place where they threw ink off the coast of the United States was called the "Rum Row".

The Kirk & Sweeney range is composed of molasses rums distilled in Santiago De Los Caballeros in the Dominican Republic. These rums are traditionally made from sugar cane juice and then aged in American oak barrels. Their beautiful mahogany colour reflects complex flavours of cane sugar, dried fruit, vanilla and toasted oak.