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Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner Lager 33cl 4°

Brewery : 8° Brewing / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23079

Eight Degrees Brewing is an Irish brewery known for its experimental and innovative beers. Barefoot Bohemian is a refreshing pilsner lager, evocative of the hoppy Czech beers with notes of malt biscuit and spicy flavours.

Why Eight Degrees? Ireland is situated eight degrees West, but this is also the ideal temperature to enjoy this beer.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV4 °
TypeBlonde Ale
Brewery8° Brewing
RegionCounty Cork

At longitude 8°, sits the town of Mitcheltown, in Cork County. It hosts the Eight Degrees Brewing Company, but 8° is also the recommended tasting temperature for these beers, created in 2011 and resulting from a fruitful collaboration between a Neo-Zealander and an Australian.

Their adventurous spirit led them to set up their own Irish brewery, in the “Southern Hemisphere” style; an elegant combination imparting a real distinctive feature to their products.

Using only natural ingredients, their beers became extremely popular in Ireland and abroad, and they won the “Best Irish Beer 2015” award for the Full Irish IPA and a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup for their Amber Ella American Amber Ale. Brewed only for a one-day festival, the beer won against other US beers in the American Style category.

Colour: pale blond, soft gold.

Nose: a complex, biscuity, malty freshness.

Palate: light, crisp, with a malt biscuit flavour. A light bitter finish with the spicy zing of the saaz and hallertau hops.

Finale: peppery, fresh.