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Browse through our extensive fine food range and treat yourself to our delicacies and specialties from the other side of the (English) Channel such as marmalades, biscuits, jams and jellies. Discover our amazing range of teas, typical sauces or seafood spreads supplied from genuine family run businesses.

Teas & Herbal Teas

Exceptional Assortment of Teas, Infusions & Herbal TeasTaking over centuries of tradition in tea-making, we aim to delight you with truly amazing teas and herbal teas ranging from green teas to black, original, natural, fruity or flavoured teas. Take a journey into intense aromas and exquisite flavours for your tea time or enjoy a cup of typical Irish Breakfast tea.

Natural TeaScented TeasInstant TeasInfusions & Herbal Teas


Chocolate Powder

Hot Chocolate Luxury PowderTaste our delightful chocolate preparations and discover truly velvety cocoa powders. Whittard of Chelsea and Cadbury are the real high-end chocolate powder and offer an amazing range of delicious flavours such as homemade caramel-flavoured chocolate, white and milk chocolate.

Chocolate Powders


Biscuits & cakes

Sweet BiscuitsSurprise your taste buds and crunch into our Scottish shortbreads, fruits cakes, chunky chocolate chips cookies or into the iconic Digestives. Browse our selection of delicacies and enjoy them at any time of the day!

Scottish ShortbreadsChocolate BiscuitsFruit BiscuitsCakes & Gingerbread


Jams, marmalades & Co

Find your favourite flavour through our range of traditional, homemade recipes! Irish and Scottish marmalades and jams are made with selected fruits for unique taste and pleasure. Treat yourself to a traditional English, Irish or Scottish breakfast or tea time with our typical curds, velvety honey or chocolate spread.

A Selection of Delicious JamsAuthentic MarmaladesPrepared Fruit MixesSilky HoneysSpreads

Chocolate & candies

Premium FudgesDelight your senses and discover our range of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate bars, candy and confectionery, cherished by children and adults alike. Treat yourself to our delicious, creamy marshmallows, creamy British fudges, and funny coloured candy rocks or try our tender fruity sweets.

Chocolate BarsChocolate CandyCandiesFruit DropsMallow Tree Marshmallows

Cake mixes & home-baking

Home BakingBe proud to bake your own cakes and recipes! Impress your friends and treat them to Irish delicacies with our ready-to-make cheesecake, pancakes, scones, mince pies and jelly recipes.

Pastry, Scone & Bread MixesCooking IngredientsJellies


Deli Corner

Our fine and savoury food section sources key products of British and Irish gastronomy and some other specialties. Discover original and genuine taste from the sea and the countryside!


Snacks & Appetizers

Snacks & AppetizersIconic and authentic brands offer you genuine flavours and quality products. Salted biscuits, crisps and oatcakes are the perfect snack and also ideal for buffet and finger food parties.

Salted Biscuits

Meal Kits


Try our selection of typical dishes and treat yourself to a perfect British or Irish meal! You will enjoy the classic steak & kidney pie, baked beans, or the famous Haggis made with lamb, oat flour and spices. A pleasure to be shared or enjoyed alone!

Typical Anglo-saxon gastronomy

Sauces, Relishes & Chutneys

BBQ Sauce

Sauces, relishes and chutneys are essential ingredients to a perfect cook. Spice up your dishes and meats or dress your salads with our selection of gourmet condiments.Marmite Spread

“Chutney” derives from the Hindu “chatni”. Chutneys were introduced in western countries during the colonial period. Originally, this condiment was a preparation made with fresh fruits to be served with curries. The most famous curries are made with apples, red chillies and tomatoes.

Pickles are classic vinegar preserves used as dressing, such as iconic Worcestershire and H.P sauce or brown sauce for meats and potatoes.


Sea Spreads

La Paimpolaise Canning Factory Sea Spreads

As Le Comptoir Irlandais originates from Brittany, we offer sea spreads from La Paimpolaise canning factory, that sources only the best quality products for genuine flavour and taste that truly captures the Breton spirit.

With their specialty spreads offered in various and creative flavours, La Paimpolaise invites you to a journey on the sea with special fish and sea food recipes. These recipes are packaged in delightful and decorative appetizer glasses, ready to spread on your snacks, breads or toasts for a perfect cocktail party, finger food buffet or dinner.

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