Dot Loose Session IPA 44cl 3.5°

Brewery : Dot Brewery / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 25450

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This beer from the Irish brewery Dot Brewery is brewed with Centennial and Idaho 7 hops.

With this Sessions IPA, we find all the aromas of an IPA but with more lightness and a lower alcohol content.

The tasting is fresh and fruity, with pine and citrus flavours reminiscent of summer holidays.

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Volume0.44 L
ABV3.5 °
BreweryDot Brewery

Located in the heart of Dublin, the Dot Brewery offers a unique style and approach based on the passion and love of experimenting with cask aging at blends of beers and hops. They readily borrow from the techniques of the wine and whisky industries.

The beers are brewed in various micro-breweries in Dublin and around Dublin before being brought to Dolphin’s Barn: the site hosts about fifty barrels in a small warehouse called "the spice shelf". French oak casks, Mexican tequila casks, American bourbon casks, etc. The choice is vast! And constant search to always get a unique taste.