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Bran & Sceolan Irish IPA 33cl 7.2°

Brewery : The White Hag / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23081

The White Hag offers us an american style IPA Bran & Scoelan beer. This irish beer in made of irish malt and 5 different sorts of american hops. It has hoppy flavours followed with pine tree notes, grapefruit and citruses. Fresh, floral and bitter, all is well balanced with the malt's feshness.

Bran & Scoelan are the two wolf dogs from the famous irish warrior Fionn Mac Cumhail. The legend says that Tuiren, Fionn's aunt was in love with the Cheif warrior of Ulster, but this one's ex-mistress, jalouse cursed Tuiren. Tuiren became a wolf dog all her life and gave birth to two puppies Bran & Scoelan.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV7.2 °
BreweryThe White Hag

The irish mythologie believes that The White Hag represents a witch, and even mother nature. It's the land's spiritual force, the spirit of Ireland, that shaped itself thanks to the land and pure water.

The irish brewery The White Hag makes Ale, Stout, IPA and Lager beers.