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Boyne Brewhouse Born In a Day 33cl 4.8°

Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23082

This refreshing beer from the Irish brewery Boyne is made of Australian hops. Hopped three times with the Saaz summer hop.

This Pale Ale is at first malty and refined. At nose, the Saaz hop gives to this beer a scent of pink grapefruit, with a pleasant bitter taste and a tropical fruit finish.

The name of the beer "Born in a Day" refers to the son of a great warrior in the Irish mythology, Dagda. This one was Boann's secret lover, the goddess of the Boyne river. Dagda stopped the sun for nine long months to protect his secret and the birth of his son.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV4.8 °

Colour : straw colour.

Nose : aromas of pink grapefruit and tropical fruits.

Palate : refreshing bitterness.

Finish : tropical fruit notes.