Robinsons Beardo 33cl 6°

Brewery : Robinsons / Country : England / Reference: : 23161

Robust English IPA beer. Beardo from the brewery Robinsons, is brewed from 9 different types of hops. It is intensely hopped and has rich and complex citrus aromas.

Beardo combines the words "beer" and "beard". It is an amber beer with beautiful white foam that gives off nice citrus aromas but also caramel, ripe fruit and floral notes.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV6 °

In 1838, William Robinson buys the Unicorn Inn, from which is derived the logo of the current brewery, in Stockport, near Manchester, northwest of England.

His eldest son, George, is in charge and starts serving his own beer in 1849. Ten years later, Frederic, George’s younger brother develops beer production as well in a warehouse behind the inn. In the 1860’s, the brewery sells beer in many neighbouring pubs, and the family business acquire them to control the quality of the drinks served.

Frederic’s son, William, keeps expanding his father’s work and so his children John and Cecil after him. From generation to generation, the business stays in the family, and now counts 330 pubs in the northwest counties of England and throughout Wales. 13.3 million pints of beer are brewed each year.