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Full Irish Single Malt IPA Eight Degrees 33cl 6°

Brewery : 8° Brewing / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 23669
Full Irish Single Malt IPA beer is brewed with 100% Irish Cork Malt and very aromatic American hops. This aroma of IPA hops has wonderful citrus and floral characteristics, with grapefruit and hints of lime, melon and lychee.

This beer has won several awards: a silver medal at the Dublin Beer Cup 2017, Ireland's Best IPA award at the 2016 World Beer Awards and Beer's beer of the year 2015 from the independent consumer group Beoir.

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Volume0.33 L
ABV6 °
Brewery8° Brewing

At longitude 8°, sits the town of Mitcheltown, in Cork County. It hosts the Eight Degrees Brewing Company, but 8° is also the recommended tasting temperature for these beers, created in 2011 and resulting from a fruitful collaboration between a Neo-Zealander and an Australian.

Their adventurous spirit led them to set up their own Irish brewery, in the “Southern Hemisphere” style; an elegant combination imparting a real distinctive feature to their products.

Using only natural ingredients, their beers became extremely popular in Ireland and abroad, and they won the “Best Irish Beer 2015” award for the Full Irish IPA and a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup for their Amber Ella American Amber Ale. Brewed only for a one-day festival, the beer won against other US beers in the American Style category.

Colour: pale gold with a white foam.

Nose: aromas of hops with hints of grapefruit, lime, melon, lychee and flowers.

Palate: fruity and hoppy with a biscuit malt body.

Finale: rounded bitterness with a lingering sweetness of single malt.
2017 - Silver medal at the Dublin Beer Cup.

2016 - Ireland's Best IPA Award at the World Beer Awards.

2015 - Beer beer of the year from the independent consumer group.