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Connemara Distillers Edition Gift Box & Glasses 70cl 43°

Best pick Connemara Distillers Edition Gift Box & Glasses 70cl 43°
Distillery : Kilbeggan / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 21872

Offer a unique peated whiskey with this Connemara Distillers Edition tasting set, with its two branded whiskey glasses.

Connemara Distillers Edition is an astute combination of Irish peated whiskies, aged in Sherry casks and Bourbon barrels. This special limited edition is only available on the French market. This whiskey is named after one of the most beautiful regions of Ireland.

Connemara Distillers Edition has been distilled twice in pot stills, a rare fact in Ireland. Connemara's peaty flavour is less phenolic than its Islay counterparts, and blends smoke and vegetal with outstanding style.

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Volume0.7 L
Net Weight0.7 kg
ABV43 °
TypeSingle malt
RegionCounty Louth
MaturationBourbon & Sherry

Connemara is a brand owned by the Kilbeggan distillery. Established in 1987 by John Teeling, in Dundalk, Louth County, the Kilbeggan distillery includes a traditional section built in the Scottish style.

The Kilbeggan distillery produces Single Malts, and first and foremost Connemara Single Malt with wonderfully mingled plum and peat flavours. Connemara is the most awarded Irish whiskey. In spite of its young age, the Kilbeggan distillery offers a broad range of blends and Single Malts.

The whiskey production ranges from light blends such as Inishoven or Millar’s to offbeat peated malts such as Connemara. Most of the maturation facilities and a part of Kilbeggan's warehouses are located in Locke’s. Kilbeggan differs from the other distilleries as it operates a double distillation process, while triple distillation is the hallmark process of Irish whiskey distilleries Bushmills and Midleton.

The Kilbeggan distillery revives a lost tradition, that of peat! In Connemara whiskeys, the vegetal edge of the peat is much more apparent than the peat smoke, such as in Islay spirits.

These traditional distillation methods associated with natural ingredients and long years of maturation in oak casks, help create an exceptional whiskey. End of 2011, the Kilbeggan distillery has changed owner and been purchased by the American group Jim Beam (owner of the Laphroaig distillery).

Colour: bright golden yellow.

Nose: the smoky peat slowly unfolds with delicate fruity aromas.

Palate: a mellow attack that grows in intensity. The peat tongue-coating powers develop into notes of yellow-fleshed fruits (peach and apricot), and spices (black pepper, ginger) that gives it a bit of a kick. The overall is well balanced and harmonious.

Finish: a finale lingering on the luscious and impressive presence of the smoke.