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Writers Tears Pot Still Gift Pack 70cl 40° & 2 Glasses

Distillery : Writers Tears company / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 22495

This Pot Still releaseis a combination of Pure Pot Still and Irish Single Malt, with proportions kept secret. It is more round and sweet, hence suiting perfectly the modern palate.

Writers Tears was the ideal partner of poets and literary geniuses, and evokes their special relation with Pot Still Whiskeys, highly sought after by Irish writers of the 19th and 20th century.

Today, Writers Tears matures in American Bourbon barrels, like many famous Scotch Single Malts. It develops an intense and luscious coconut aromas, over a cereal backdrop stemming rising from its composition.

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Volume0.7 L
Net Weight0.7 kg
ABV40 °
TypeBlended Irish Whiskey
DistilleryWriters Tears company
RegionCounty Carlow
PeatNon Peated

The Writers Tears company is owned by the Walsh family (Bernard & Rosemary Walsh), and is nestled at the heart of the Irish country, in County Carlow.

The unique objective of the society is to produce premium Irish whiskey and revive some of the great recipes of traditional whisky. Writers Tears is the first of a new range of exceptional whiskies, as the company has always been striving to craft the best quality whiskey and hopefully to leave its mark in the world of whiskeys.

Colour: amber.

Nose: a Pot Still Whiskey with a lot of character, and a distinctive honeyed aromas, with kumquat and citrus fruits.

Palate: well balanced tasting with sweet notes of honey, acacia and vanilla mingled with strong maltiness.

Finish: long and generous.