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Clontarf Trinity 3 x 20cl + 3 glasses 40°

Distillery : Clontarf 1014 / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 20537

Three bottles in one! This original gift pack contains three different expressions of Clontarf whiskey (Single Malt, Reserve & Classic Blend), with their three whiskey tasting glasses.

The Irish Whiskey production of the Clontarf distillery stands out due to its specific manufacturing process. Their whiskey is charcoal-filtered just like Kentucky whiskey, and matured in Bourbon barrels. Clontarf whiskeys indeed possess a peculiar kinship with their American sibling, Bourbon.

You may distinguish the three spirits with the following tasting notes:

Clontarf Single Malt: a really fresh and sophisticated malt, rich, round and full bodied, with a wide array of oaky, malty and fruity flavours.

Clontarf Reserve: a perfectly mastered blend, developing with freshness and a hint of spices through the traditional Irish smoothness.

Clontarf Classic Blend: a surprising single grain reminiscent of Bourbon due to its full-rounded and sweet flavours.

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Volume0.6 L
ABV40 °
DistilleryClontarf 1014
RegionCounty Dublin
PeatNon Peated

The distillery takes its name from a famous battle that took place on the Clontarf fields near Dublin, on Good Friday, in spring 1014. Irish King Brian Boru and his men fought and drove the Vikings out of Ireland, laying the foundation of the Ireland we know today.

Ireland is known for its green hills and cascading creeks. Clontarf makes the most of this natural wealth and takes the finest ingredients Ireland has to offer for its distillation process. A perfect combination of barley, corn and pure source water makes Clontarf a quite aromatic whiskey with complex aromas and exceptional flavours.