Ron Zacapa La Armonia 23 Solera 70cl 40°

Distillery : Zacapa / Country : Guatemala / Reference: : 25553

Ron Zacapa La Armonia is the third edition of the Heavenly Cask Collection.

This exceptional cuvée based on the Ron Zacapa 23 Solera is a blend of carefully finished rums in old Sherry casks to give La Armonia. A meeting between Rum and Sherry and a marriage of sumptuous aromas to create a perfect harmony.

Notes of red berries and pecans evoke the lush crops that thrive in the beautiful Guatemalan landscape. This sensation of nuts and caramelized berries, soft and velvety, pays a sophisticated tribute to the generosity of these exceptional lands.

Zacapa La Armonia invites you on a captivating taste journey, where each sip reveals a symphony of delicate and balanced flavours.

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Volume0.7 L
TypeOld Rum
Age23 years

Zacapa is a small town northeast of Guatemala City. In 1976, the city celebrated its centenary and the largest rum producer in the country, the Industria Licorera Quetzalteca, created for the occasion Ron Zacapa Centenario, a truly unique premium spirit.

Unlike other rums, Zacapa uses first press concentrated sugar cane juices, known as "virgin sugarcane honey" rather than molasses, which are residues obtained from sugarcane refining. This influences the taste of the final result.

Using yeasts extracted from pineapple, the mash is slowly fermented before being distilled in a single column copper still. The rum obtained is then aged in cellars, 2300 meters above sea level, "the House above the clouds". This exceptional location intensifies the infusion of flavours from the barrels and enriches the taste of the final nectar.

Nose: notes of sherry with lovely aromas of caramelized berries, pecan nut tart and hazelnuts.

Palate: a silky and velvety sweetness combining the flavours of caramelized berries, nuts, and sherry.