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La Favorite Coeur De Rhum 40°

Distillery : La Favorite / Country : Martinique / Reference: : 22668

Coeur de Rhum comes from La Favorite distillery (1842), one of the two last independant and domestic distilleries of Martinique.

This one has been created in the traditionnal agricultural rum élaboration process, achieved by juice fermentation and milled sugar cane just after beeing havest. This La Favorite white rum is the softed of Martinique.

Connecting the island's sunlight and sugar cane softness, result of a long fermentation, Coeur de Rhum is the work of traditionnal refined techniques over several generations.

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Volume1 L
ABV40 °
TypeOld Rum
DistilleryLa Favorite

The white rum from this distillery is considered like the sweetest of Martinique thanks to a particular technique consist of a slow stirring method which respect the natural balance and the softness of distillate.

However, its production is limited to 500,000 liters per year of rum to 55%, although this does not prevent very long aging in oak barrels, of the order of about thirty years for the oldest.

The little anecdote about the name chosen for this distillery goes back to Napoleon, who, during a first tasting of rum, exclaimed saying that this liquor was his "favorite"!

Nose: open with sugar cane and fruity notes.

Palate: fresh cane, vanilla and white flowers notes.

Finish: beautiful long finish.

Bronze medal at the General Agriculture Contest in Paris in 2015.