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La Favorite Reserve du Chateau 2002 70cl 43°

Distillery : La Favorite / Country : Martinique / Reference: : 22669

La Reserve du Chateau is an agricultural rum produced by La Favorite, an independent, family-owned distillery from Martinique. This editon is an elegant and mature vintage produced in small batches, and aged for 12 years in oak casks. La Reserve du Chateau La Favorite develops a complex and refined texture with sweet citrus flavours and sugarcane notes.

La Favorite rum is certainly the sweetest rum of La Martinique, with exceptional flavours of sugar, sugarcane and citrus, for a very balanced and refined experience.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV43 °
TypeOld Rum
DistilleryLa Favorite

The white rum from this distillery is considered like the sweetest of Martinique thanks to a particular technique consist of a slow stirring method which respect the natural balance and the softness of distillate.

However, its production is limited to 500,000 liters per year of rum to 55%, although this does not prevent very long aging in oak barrels, of the order of about thirty years for the oldest.

The little anecdote about the name chosen for this distillery goes back to Napoleon, who, during a first tasting of rum, exclaimed saying that this liquor was his "favorite"!

Colour: warm amber with golden and ruby highlights.

Nose: full-bodied scents of banana, sugarcane, caramel, spices and a basket of exotic fruits.

Palate: mellow, sweet, notes of fruits and spices that warm up the palate, imparting a lively and complex texture to the rum.

Finale: long, full-bodied, spicy, evoking exotic fruits.