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Rum Admiral Rodney 70cl 40°

• Volume0.7 L
• ABV40 °
• TypeOld Rum
• CountryMartinique
• Reference :22674

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  Native from Saint Lucie, an island located in the south of Martinique, Admiral Rodney rum is THE lengendary rum, with its dark color and mahogany reflects, its precious wood aromas and smoothness are not misguided.

After molasses fermentation, this rum is 100% distilled in stills columns. Rum assembly, this one has been aged 7 to 12 years minimum in oak barrels that used to contain Jack Daniels whisky, Buffalo Trace and Jim Bean.

Located on the Saint Lucia island, a few tens of kilometers south of Martinique, Saint Lucia distillery is the result of a merger between two distilleries, Dennery and Roseau, in 1972.

Although the sugar cane production has disappeared on the island, St Lucia Distillers Group of Companies has succeeded in maintaining its expertise, with the necessary molasses being found abroad, notably in Guyana (formerly under the British crown).

Laurie Barnard, the heir of three generations of rum producers in St Lucia, was a great perfectionist, technician and hard creator of new tastes. He headed the company for four decades. He used different strains of yeast and four different stills in order to obtain a large quantity of eau-de-vie that he allowed to age in several varieties of oak barrels.

Thanks to this method, a large range of rums was born, with the "Chairman's reserve" at the top of popularity.

In 1997, the Barnard family sold a portion of its shares to Angostura Ltd. Then, in 2005, she sold the rest of her shares to Clico Barbados Holdings, but Laurie Barnard remained the head of the company until her death in 2012.

The distillery of St Lucia, still active, was bought in 2016 by the Hayot group.

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Rum Admiral Rodney 70cl 40°

Rum Admiral Rodney 70cl 40°

Admiral Rodney rum comes from Saint Lucie ( the Caribbean). Assembled with rums that have matured between 7 and 12 years in Jack Daniels, Buffalo Trace and Jim Beam oak barrels.

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Nose: pretty powerful, with cocoa aromas, dried grappe and sandalwood.

Palate: at first it is mellow and non syrupy. this rum offers a wonderful honeydew richness, where we find the fruitness but also vanilla, a little wood, all on a balanced body, powerfull and very harmonious.

Finish: very long and intense with a long after taste.