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Rum Plantation Nicaragua 2004 70cl 42°

Brand : Plantation Rum / Reference: : 22723

Discover this Nicaragua Plantation rum 2004 from La Maison Ferrand, this rum has aged on a "Double Ageing" process, the Maison Ferrand's know-how. This vintage has been distilled in a traditional way in column still. It has aged in Bourbon casks in Nicaragua then in Cognac casks in France.

The Nicaragua Plantation rum 2003 had a fruity character, this new 2004 vintage has a floral character.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV42 °
TypeOld Rum
BrandPlantation Rum
MaturationBourbon & Cognac

Launched by Maison Ferrand, the label Plantation Rum consists of a collection of rums from the best distilleries in the Caribbean (Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama or Trinidad).

The collection is divided into two distinct ranges, blends and vintages.

The blends are blends refined by the cellar master of the Maison Ferrand.

The vintages, whose tastes differ from one vintage to another, come directly from the barrel and are available in limited quantities.

Designed in a traditional way, produced in rum distilleries and aged in barrels under the tropical sun, the rums of the Plantation Rum range benefit from a unique aging process: "double ageing" which consists of bringing back from their country of origin the rums at the right time to refine them several months more directly to the Domaine de Bonbonnet in Cognac in small oak barrels clean at Maison Ferrand.

Colour: amber with golden highlights.

Nose: floral notes with a mix of passion fruit.

Palate: elegant with peony notes, passion fruit and banana. A hint of spices.

Finish: long with floral notes, fruity and spicy.